Police Officers Share The Dumbest Things People Have Done When Pulled Over


I was sitting in my patrol car watching cars drive by one night and see a 4 door car drive by and seen it had a tail light out. Now usually I just stop the vehicle and let them know that it just needs to be fixed. So I turn on the ole cherries and berries.

Me: Hello, I’m Officer Corb1126 with the Police Department. Do you know the reason I’m stopping you.

Him: …..Because…….I’m fucked up?

Me: (very taken my surprise) Why don’t you go ahead and step out of the car for me….


I had pulled over a guy for some minor traffic offense who I knew had a twin brother. He gave me his name, let’s say Jeff. I decided to check the other twin’s name as well, boom, warrant. I knew he was bullshitting me but I couldn’t prove it.

I chit chatted casually for a few minutes and then asked him “what’s Jeff up to these days?” He answered and started telling me and I said “but I thought you were Jeff?!” He didn’t even try to get out of it at that point. Admitted he wasn’t Jeff and went to jail.

The annoying thing is that I later fell for this with another set of brothers and had to go back and arrest the kid the next day after he totally got the better of me!


Close enough…A friend of mine is a cop and the first time he pulled anyone over it was a couple of teenagers in the car. My buddy says to them jokingly, “alright guys, where are you hiding the pot?” They were instantly terrified so they opened the middle console and handed him an eighth ounce of weed. He couldn’t believe it and said he honestly felt really bad because at that point he had no choice but to write them up.