Police Officers Share The Dumbest Things People Have Done When Pulled Over


Pulled a guy over on suspicion of drink driving. We didn’t have an ESD (breathalyser) but he was so drunk he was adamant that my radio was a breathalyser.

Anyway whilst we were waiting he started to get really agitated as he thought we were up to something. He was begging to “have a go” on the breathalyser (radio), eventually I let him blow into the radio antenna, told him it was faulty and we had to wait for another.

Unsurprisingly he failed and got arrested.

Not quite what you asked for but it still makes me chuckle.


Man was beaten unconscious by three men. I caught one of them escaping on foot but he vigorously denied any knowledge of any incident.

Another officer had collared someone he thought might also be involved, but had little evidence other than the fact he was running away and couldn’t really account for his presence.

The other prisoner was being taken to a cell just as I walked into custody with mine. My prisoner looked at him and immediately yelled “Matt, Matt! Matt has got nothing to do with this, you should let him go. He wasn’t even there.”

A+ for friend loyalty; C- for avoiding self-incrimination.


Once pulled a woman over for speeding, upon approaching the car I notice she has 4 young children in the car and that NONE of them are secured in their seats. Even though there were 3 car seats in the back. So I explain why she was stopped and inquire as to why none of the kids are belted in. Her response was “I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT SHIT!!!”

Yes ma’am, I’ll be right back with you. Went back to my unit and ran her noting that she had received a ticket the previous year for the same thing, just one child. ROGER THAT! Wrote her for speeding, and 4 for the unsecured kids totalling ~$900 in fines. If she had said they had unlatched to see the police man or some other reasonable excuse and had them buckle up I probably would have let her go with a warning.