Police Officers Share The Dumbest Things People Have Done When Pulled Over


I got pulled over walking home from the bar pretty trashed and after the cop searched me he said, “So, do you have any warrants?” I said, “I don’t know. Do I?”


Not a cop, but my friend told me this………. pulled a guy over late one night. His car reeked of pot. My friend said it was no big deal he just wanted to make sure the guy was safe to drive. Here is where things get wierd. Guy has his hands on the steering wheel (aka in sight) and is very very polite, but forgot to turn down his music. My friend said it was like being in the front row at a concert. Told the guy to turn down his music and no shit the guy instead of turning down his music just changed it to the local college station. Turns out he was on shrooms (and smoking) and thought changing it to the ‘right station’ would ‘compensate for the lack of nocturnal noises’.


My friend apologized for not drinking after the cop asked her if she’d had anything that night.