People Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Done Because Of Social Anxiety

This. Is. The. Worst. xXColaXx:

This moment haunts me still. It’s kind of long-winded but I hope it paints the picture.

About 15 years ago I was a young teen browsing the electronics section of Walmart. As I was leaving that area this guy and girl around my age were coming into the electronics area. They saw me and both enthusiastically said “Hey!!” like they were happy and surprised to see me. I didn’t recognize them but I thought maybe we had a class together or something so I was like “Hey!! How’s it going?!” feigning cheerfulness as I tried to place where I knew them from. They both looked at me weird and made a face then walked past me to a guy and girl behind me, greeting them.

I was so embarrassed and anxious I just got out of the electronics department as fast as I could without running and went to the next department over… which ended up being ladies clothing, the bra and panty area. A female employee came over and asked if I needed help, looking at me confused because of the department. I was flustered and said, “Sorry just trying to find electronics” to which she replied “Oh it’s over this way come with me”. I didn’t want to go back but now I was obligated so I followed her back and as we approached I saw the two teens i had the awkward interaction with and their two friends all look up and stare at me. “There ya go hun” the employee said then she started chatting with the cashier in electronics.

At that time Walmart’s electronics section was like a big square with only one opening for entrance and exit go deter theft so now I’m trapped in this area with the people I just had the awkwardness with and the employee that just escorted me from women’s clothes. I was so embarrassed and my whole body felt hot from anxiety. I just blankly stared at the videogames behind the glass until the other people left and then I took off.


Can’t blame you for this one, mthiel:

After graduating high school, I would sometimes drive to the next town to deposit my paycheck or get my oil changed. I didn’t want to run into my old high school classmates.

What did your dad say, Wanni25?

Called my dad to pick me up from high school instead of pooping at school.

Ugh, don’t you hate when this happens?

I could probably be married by now if I would quit looking away every time I spy a woman trying to make eye contact with me.