People Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Done Because Of Social Anxiety

Well at least you got over it, livintheshleem:

One year of high school I didn’t have anyone in my lunch period that I was friends with. So instead of making friends with the other kids there, I’d eat really fast then say I had to go study in the library, and would instead just wander around the halls until lunch was over.

Except you weren’t allowed to roam the halls like that, so I had to sneak around to avoid any teachers/hall monitors seeing me. I spent a lot of that time going from bathroom to bathroom, kind of just standing there waiting for time to pass.

People keep asking these questions so here are the answers:

I didn’t actually go in the library because I didn’t want to spend my free time studying (I wasn’t a huge fan of school in the first place.) Sneaking around was honestly more appealing to me.

We didn’t have lunch together because there were too many students to have them all in the cafeteria at once, so lunch was broken up into 4 mini periods. Some kids ate lunch while the others were still in class and rotated in and out of the cafeteria. That’s why we weren’t allowed to roam the halls.

Thanks for the concern but I wasn’t a super sad kid back then or anything, and I’m totally fine now!

No, I’m not you.

BEST DAD EVER, Inalphillip:

When I was 8 or 9 I was at my cousins birthday party. At the end of the party every kid got a huge goodie bag filled with candy and toys to take home. So she sat on makeshift throne in the middle of the room, and every kid had to go up one by one and get a goodie bag from the princess. I noped the fuck out and snuck back to my dad’s car.

On the ride home I was really regretting my decision tho, and hating myself for being so god damn awkward. So I started crying. That’s when dad said he grabbed me a goodie bag before he left. He knew me so well.

One of the worst things about living with anxiety is the amount of really good opportunities it forces you to miss:

Skipped out on a really good job interview because they wanted me to do a presentation in front of a few people as part of the interview.

Well at least you remembered, Pm_your_serious_face:

Tried to remind myself what date it is, while at the bar counter.

Got my beer.

She said “Thank you”

I said “Sixteenth”.