People Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Done Because Of Social Anxiety

No, you really can’t ever go back, Llebanna:

I went into a store I used to work at expecting to see my coworkers so I could greet them. A lady was there, but I had no idea what who she was. She asked me if she could help, and I stuttered a no.

Then I stood and kind of tapped my feet around like I was a fuckin tap dancer and I tried apologizing but instead said “I uh….I’m not looking for you.” She looked so confused and I could feel my face getting red. I literally ran out. Not just walked quickly- ran and slammed into the door(its heavy) and hurt my arm.

Though injured, I trudged on. I heard her call out and ask if I was okay as I ran out. Now I can never go back.

RIP beezynameddeltreezy:

I farted right in front of my boss and I started snapping my fingers in attempt to make it look like it was not a loud ass fart

Edit: it was actually right in front of her face because she had knelt down behind me and I didn’t realize, so no way that I pulled it off. We never spoke of it.

Amazing, since they don’t even have sizes at Chipotle:

I was at a chipotle. The girl asked me how my day had been. I said “large please” because I got confused and thought she was asking what size I wanted. Then she asked if I wanted white rice or the other rice they had and I said “yes!”

This some poo-related PTSD, killjoytrash:

I once hid from my family when they came over for the holidays out of fear of interaction. I hid especially from one of my cousins who was socially aggressive and just made me really anxious. I had nowhere else to hide where there wasn’t people, so I went into my bathroom and hid under the sink (I was about 8) and just planned to stay there as long as possible. My cousin (the aggressive one) came in, took a long and winded shit and then left. I just stayed there and am to this day even more terrified of interacting with him. I saw nothing but I heard…. every… sound.