People Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Done Because Of Social Anxiety

Adorable, actuallylavagirl. ??? zoop!

Talking to my boss after a long day of exams and assignments. I go to leave and she catches the door before I can leave to say goodbye. For some reason my wired brain made me give her fingerguns and say “zoop” as I walked away. Thought about it the whole way home.

TBH, this is just a really solid gaming joke, cheezzy4ever:

I was buying a Zelda-themed wallet at an FYE once. The cashier asked me if I wanted a bag for it. I just stammered and said “No thanks, I’ll just equip it now”.

No thanks, I’ll just equip it now

It’s always better to be the rejecter than the rejected, even if you totally bungle it like Im_Justintyler:

This one time I was approached by a highschool girl trying to get my contact info, I’m only 22 so I mean I guess I’m passable for just an older guy, but clearly you gotta say no, so me, being a Reddit user, said something stupid, I started to say “Sorry but I’m old enough to be your dad” but that was so dumb I changed it mid sentence to “sorry I’m old enough to be your brother” but that didn’t make any sense so what really came out of my mouth was “sorry I’m old enough to be your.. Brother…s… College roommate” and then we both stood there in that amazing wtf feeling you get when you’re just overloaded with wtf.

What did her mom say, AfroNinja117?

One time when I was a kid, I was calling up a girl I liked to ask her if she wanted to hang out. Her mom answered the phone and in my awkward teenage bumbling I asked her mom if SHE wanted to hang out.

I’m still not quite over that one, nearly 10 years later