People Share Their Biggest Teenage Regrets And It’ll Make You Emotional

We all were teenagers once and we all made really dumb mistakes that we regret. There could have been a few simple things we did when we were younger that we look back on and wish she hadn’t done, or, it could be something that really changed our lives for the worse. It happens. But, sometimes people regret those mistakes they made when they were in high school or college, and still regret them to this day as an adult. These Reddit Users share what dumb things they did when they were younger (some of them that are pretty messed up) and say they still regret it to this day and wish that it would have never happened. Can you relate? We sure can.

We’ve all done some pretty dumb things for appearance.

I took a metal nail file to my front teeth so I could sharpen them. Realized what an idiot I was after a couple swipes, but I can still feel the marks I made on them 20 years later. No dentist has ever commented on it, but then I’ve never told them about it either.

My favorite book had a character who was described as having “small sharp teeth.” I guess I wanted to be more like her.

Helicopter parents ruined our childhood.

I didn’t socialise. My parents are were overprotective and I couldn’t even leave the house to go a block down to the local convenience store. I missed out on so much potential during puberty. It didn’t have to be wild parties, it could have been coffee with friends, or wandering around the town square, or window shopping.

Instead I spent my time at home playing video games, reading books, listening to my cd player or the radio, and being a recluse.

To clarify, as an adult who has more leeway now, I still do exactly the same things, but now it’s a choice I make rather than being forced to because my parents were worried I’d be kidnapped as soon as I stepped foot out of the door.

Who else regrets not trying harder in school?

When I was 14 and a freshman in high school I was offered fully paid tuition to the college of my choice and any production Ford vehicle in my graduating year, again fully paid for. All I had to do was maintain a 3.5 gpa for every semester. This offer was from a very wealthy family member. Long story short all I was interested in was getting laid/wasted and barely graduated due to attendance mainly. STOOPID!

Don’t we all wish we were nicer to our parents?

Not giving my step-mom a chance sooner. As a teenager, we argued about every single day, and at one point, I called her a bitch and made her cry. We didn’t become close until my senior year of high school, and she was the last person I saw before I shipped out to BMT. Since enlisting, I talk to her more than my dad throughout the week.

I think everyone can relate to this.

Letting worrying about what other people will think of me affect me way to much.