22 Differences Between Teachers In High School & College That Are Hilariously Accurate

There’s a huge difference between going to high school and going to college. For one, you’re semi-forced to go to high school – as in, they care if you’re not there. In college, you could not show up a single day and no one will call home to see if you’re alive. Plus, you actually want to go to high school classes (most days) because you’re with your friends. College is just one giant “pain in the ass, I don’t want to go because I’m too hungover,” you know what I mean? And, lets not even get into the difference in work-level.

But, if one thing is for sure – it’s that high school teachers and college professors are completely different people – as if they’re from two different plants. And, Twitter is sharing all the hilariously true ways that they are just not the same.