People Confess Their Most Socially Awkward Habits And They’re Relatable

We all have those socially awkward things we do each day that some people might think are super weird, but they obviously have a weird habit they do themselves–they just don’t want to admit it. People even have habits that are socially awkward when around other people and I am sure many of us can relate to some of them. Can you look into someone’s eyes without looking away too often? These people reveal all the weird socially awkward habits they have and how they feel about it.


Looking anywhere else, except at their eyes.


I do the eye-aversion thing, and it’s pretty bad. My instinctive place to avert my eyes isn’t to the side, but slightly downwards. Lots of women have definitely judged me for that.


I wave as soon as we make eye contact and then just kinda of mosey along, unless the wave initiated hallway shouting conversation, which is always amusing.


I have a very intense stare so people will shy away from making eye contact and I can’t control it. :/


Practice the conversations in my head. Even the smallest ones that don’t even matter.