People Confess Their Most Socially Awkward Habits And They’re Relatable


I stand in front of my mirror and actually act out the exchange so I can see what facial expressions I make as I’m saying what I’ve planned in my head to say


Aimlessly follow that one friend that begged me to come to the party like a helpless puppy.

If separated, I stare at Reddit and try my best not to look like it’s something I want to share with everyone.

Oh babysitting my drink is another go to move for me.


Interrupt people when they’re in the middle of talking. I can never figure out when it’s my turn to talk when I’m in a group situation, the rhythm of it is so damn hard to figure out. One on one, I’m basically fine.


Forget names.


I actually get anxiety of calling someone the wrong name, so I never say anyone’s name even though I’m pretty sure I know it.