People Confess Their Most Socially Awkward Habits And They’re Relatable


When I realise I’m walking the wrong way in public. Can never just turn straight around, I usually walk into a store or pretend to get a text so I can turn the other way.


When it comes to strangers generally or people that I don’t feel that confident with, I always over-analyze my body or what I’m saying, so annoying.


I am not good at holding conversation. I have this thing where if I have nothing else to say I’m l
ike “okayyy, well I’ll get back to what I was doing. Bye” I do not leave conversations smoothly….


Get extremely anxious about sending and receiving texts. I always text back immediately and when someone doesn’t it’s all I can think about until they do.


See someone you kind of know, and pretend you didn’t see them because you’re not sure if you’re close enough that a hello is normal, or not close enough that they’ll be a little weirded out.