50 Tweets About Being An Introvert For Anyone Who Hates People-ing

If you go out to a party and are checking the clock for an acceptable time to leave like you’re sitting in class, you might just be an introvert. The introvert gang is one of my favorite one to be a part. Specifically because nobody bothers me and I never have to interact with fellow members. Nothing is better than some alone time what better to get to know yourself than spend most of your time in isolation? It sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?.

We’ve all been there where we force ourselves to go some social gathering, the hours leading up to it just racking our brain with excuses, desperate to get out of it. A night alone with my dog and my favorite T.V. show? Yes, please. Every. Single. Night. Too bad that’s not socially acceptable, you don’t want to be considered a hermit or anything. For all my introvert friends out there I hope you can enjoy this list without having to interact with anyone.