65 Memes For Anyone With A Sense Of Humor About Their Anxiety

For those who suffer from anxiety, it is not a laughing matter. It’s crippling. Sometimes, we have to plan our days around being almost paralyzed from how severe anxiety can affect us. For obvious reasons, anxiety is constantly spoken about under the shadow of negativity. The thing is, people who suffer from anxiety don’t have blaring symptoms that are noticeable to everyone. Some people believe others suffering from anxiety are simply poor at dealing with intense or stressful situations. It’s something people deal with every minute every day in almost all situations you’ll come across. Obviously, some people handle their anxiety better than others. This doesn’t make anyone stronger or weaker – everyone faces their own battles.

I’ve always felt if there is something overwhelmingly negative in my life, whether it’s how I feel about myself or just an ongoing situation I’m dealing with. Shining a positive light on all of these things would always help make things a little more bearable. It’s like once you learn to laugh at yourself in a way it makes your skin thicker. So, I’m giving anxiety the same treatment. So many people from all different situations deal with their own anxiety struggles, we might as well get a laugh out of it together. Whether you suffer from mild anxiety, severe anxiety, or you’re just stressing out it helps to put a funny spin on anxiety and the effects it has on our lives.