Cardi B And Missy Elliot Bonding Over Their Anxiety Problems Is Too Relatable

No matter how much money you make, how many awards you get, or how famous you may be, you cannot escape the harsh realities of life. For many celebrities, fame and fortune do not protect them from very real issuessuch as mental health disorders, illnesses, and other misfortunes. It’s no secret thatwhile some songs and peopleclaim it canmoney does not buy you happiness entirely.

Recently, Cardi B opened up on Twitter slightly about struggling with anxiety. Even after a top-notch year for the female rapperproducing an award-winning album, giving birth to her daughter Kulture, and killing it all around, Cardi suffers from mental health struggles just like any other person in society.

Not only did Cardi open up about her own mental health struggles, but another female rapper who made way foreveryonein the game responded with her own take. Missy Elliot, the one and only, replied saying:

Missy even took time out to answer fans who responded to her tweet.

Even comedian Sarah Silverman showed Cardi B some love and support.

But, fans all over the world reached out to both Cardi and Missy, sharing their love and prayers for both women and sharing the endless love that they have for both female rappers. Many also thanked them for opening up about something like this so that people who also suffer from anxiety feel less alone in their struggle.