12 Great Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend Who Suffers From Anxiety

Anxiety is something that everyone deals with their own way. Some people don’t realize how crippling suffering from severe anxiety can be. It makes getting through an everyday routine almost impossible. Days are filled with fabricating the worst case scenario in all situations, no matter how farfetched it may seem. It may sound silly to some, constantly worrying, heart racing, sweating in public all happening and mostly due to trivial or even nonexistent issues.

Everyone copes with their own stresses and anxiety in their own fashion, some do so in much healthier ways than others. Something that helps me deal with my anxiety is my significant other. They understand me for who and how I am and are an anchor for me when I feel like things are too overwhelming. Just being someone I can turn to always is enough to help battle my anxious tendencies.With that being said, there are also a ton of awesome gifts out there that I find beneficial. A bunch of them you can even enjoy together. Here is a list of gift ideas for someone who suffers from anxiety.

1. Body pillow.

While body pillows come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, I know I would love being able to wrap up with a comfy pillow twice my size. It can be a substitute cuddle buddy and actually help you get a good night of sleep without the restlessness. Any type body pillow will pillow will do. If you’re interested in the top of the line 11 foot long body pillow, look no further than the Comfort U-Body Pillow.

2. Weighted blanket.

Sicking with the comfy theme, weighted blankets can help with people suffering from anxiety. The idea is a 15 to 20-pound blanket helps replicate the feeling of being held which releases oxytocin, sometimes known as the cuddle hormone. This helps combat your anxiety and honestly, no such thing as too many nice blankets, the more comfortable the better. You can grab a weighted blanket here.

3. Massage or spa day.

Need I say more? Please tell me a more relaxing experience than having a day full of massages and relaxing. This is something you can do together or with your friends. You don’t have to be an extremely anxious person, everyone deserves a nice spa day. This is just a solid good gift idea, period. Take notes, fellas.

4. Worry stones.

These worry stones come in a range of designs and colors. The idea is the super smooth stone to be held in your palm and help to soothe the person holding it through its glasslike feel. Traditionally worry stones were made of obsidian (dragon glass) which is awesome. Nowadays you can get them in all shapes from a heart to the more traditional oval shape in a variety of patterns.

5. Aromatherapy machine.

These machines diffuse different essential oils right into the air. The different oils have different purposes, many involving relaxing and refreshing qualities. You might use something like lavender oil to help relax and fall asleep, it also helps keep an awesome scent wherever it’s being used so that is what we call a win-win. Some aromatherapy machines even create soothing sounds to help you drift away to sleep.

6. Take them on a romantic hike.

Not many remedies like the good old fashion outdoors. Japanese would refer to the mental health benefits of “forest bathing”. The idea that a 30-minute walk through nature has calming mental health benefits. It’s a nice adventure for you and your significant other, not only that it come’s with a few extra benefit than enjoying nature and your favorite person.