12 Great Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend Who Suffers From Anxiety

7. Acupressure slippers.

Are these the most stylish slippers in the slipper game? certainly not. These things are actually pretty horrid, luckily they aren’t focused on their fashion sense. Essentially, they’re designed to be a walking foot massage. There are Tai Chi Bagua acupoints on the sole of the feet and nubs on the sandal that are designed to activate them while you stand and walk. Rocking these bad boys might not make you the fashion envy of everyone. That won’t bother you when you’re the walking embodiment of relaxed.

8. Get active together.

Studies have shown after 20 minutes of increasing your heart rate through activity releases uplifting hormones. Go on a bike ride, a nice long walk on the beach, maybe even hit the gym together, do something active! When you’re active your body releases endorphins! Ever heard of runners high? That’s because of the endorphins your body is releasing. Not only that you’ll start to gain confidence in yourself from getting a work out in, you may even find yourself in a new healthy routine!

9. Chamomile tea.

If you’re getting worked up throughout your day some chamomile tea might be just what you need! The different compounds in chamomile tea attach to the same exact brain receptors as drugs like Valium, and it’s all natural baby. In studies done at University of Pennsylvania Medical Cente patients with generalized anxiety disorder who took chamomile supplements for eight weeks had a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms. Therefore, having a bunch of this stuff on deck does not sound like a bad idea, after a long day curl-up in your weighted blanket with your 11-foot body pillow and maybe a nice hot cup of chamomile tea.

10. Puppies!

Animals have been shown to release similar hormones such as the “cuddle hormone”. Many people use animals to help them cope with different things from stress, depression, to anxiety. Now, I know not everyone can go out and buy someone a puppy. Maybe go out on a date grab some lunch or ice cream and go play with puppies at a shelter locally. It’s a cheap awesome date idea, who doesn’t love ice cream and puppies?

11. Encouragement jar.

This is a gift that won’t break the bank, is super thoughtful, 100 percent unique, and you made it yourself, I call that a home run. Get any form of decorative or mason jar and fill it with different little notes. They should be happy, encouraging, loving, positive notes for your boo. This gift will keep on giving also as you continue to fill it up with messages for as long as you’d like.

12. Light therapy lamp.

Psychiatrists and different studies claim that exposure to a form of light that mimics the sun will help anxiety and depression. This ultra-bright light here is meant to mimic the sun. I can see this coming in handy in the long winter months depending on where you live. If you end up testing out the super powerful light, maybe it doesn’t end up helping you feel better. At least you know you’re a dope rave.