This Girl Posted A Selfie With Her Friend Blacked Out Naked In The Background & Twitter Ripped Her Apart

Nowadays on social media, it’s everyone’s top priority to look their best. Sometimes, we’re so concerned with how we look in selfies and mirror pics that we forget to check the background of our photos. Sometimes, things are happening in our pictures we didn’t even realize or were aware of because – well, we’re self-centered and only care about ourselves. Go figure, we’re narcissists. I mean, what can you really expect from a generation that is based on social media likes for validation? Not much.

One Twitter user posted a mirror shot of herself from a wild night out and neglected to realize her best friend was not only blacked out in the background – but not wearing any pants. No I’m not kidding, this sh*t was actually posted onto Twitter because I mean, why the f*ck not?

Yeah that second pic – homegirl looks like she had a wild night. I’m kind of confused as to why this girl would post this picture, or not crop her friend out. Two things come to mind. 1. She’s looking to go viral and knows that sex sells, even if that means she exploits her friend or 2. She was drunk when she posted these and didn’t realize her friend was in the background, which, is kind of hard to do seeing as – that’s a whole lot of butt.

Twitter, of course, ripped into this user because – well, way to be a really crappy friend.