Woman Shares The Insane Story Of Going On A Date With A Guy Who Works In A Morgue

Some first date stories are bad. But, some first date stories are f**king awful. Like, I mean, so awful they are almost unbelievable. The ones that you hear and say: “Nah, no shot that’s true.” And then you stop and realize how truly disgusting some humans can be and swear off dating for the rest of your life.

Twitter user Jacqueline shared the story of her friend’s date with a morgue worker and—brace yourselves, this is disgusting.

Her friend met the guy on Tinder.

After the date, they hook up and have sex. It gets…graphic.

After letting him plant his seed all over her chest, she has a rash the next day.

She decides to go to the doctor, who then sends her to a dermatologist.

And, they found “tiny parasites” under her skin.

The doctor says the only way a person gets these kinds of parasites are from having sex with animals or having sex with dead people.

As it turns out—the guy works in a morgue.

I’m just…

And, Twitter feels the same.

While it sounds like a ridiculous story…it probably is (because—it’s probably fake for clout). While the tweet went viral and people believed it (yeah, even us for a moment there), there’s a lot of medical sh*t that makes it physically impossible. Snopes debunked it after a bunch of sites shared the story.

But still, remember to get tested regularly because super-gonorrhea is REAL!