People Are Sharing Their Worst Slumber Party Stories And It’ll Make You Pray You Never Have A Daughter

It’s the childhood narrative of young girls that if you’re invited to a slumber party, you’re immediately cool, popular, and “in.” While every young girl dreams of the day she’ll actually be able to attend a sleepover party, or host her own, some of them are what nightmares are made of. Growing up, I was always invited to slumber parties, but severely disappointed when I had to sleep on the floor of someone’s uncomfortable and dirty basement and had to listen to other kid’s parents awkwardly fight all night long. I was much happier being a loner and receiving no invites to slumber parties. Apparently, I wasn’t alone. Recently on Twitter, The Roast co-founder Nicole Cliffe asked her followers if they also “faked sick” to go home during sleepovers (here, here, Nicole). She also asked them to share their “worst” slumber part story.

Personally, my worst sleepover story was when I stayed at a friend’s house and her parents were up fighting almost the entire night. When I had gone to the bathroom, I had to pass by her parent’s bedroom door, which was open. I was so nervous to walk by that I was debating whether or not I should just hold it until the morning. Before I was able to turn around and head back to my friend’s room, I got hit in the head with a shoe. An actual shoe. Apparently, my friend’s mom threw one of her heels at her father during the fight and her father had jumped out of the way. Instead, I had a bloody nose and asked to call my mom to pick me up. My mom wasn’t necessarily pleased and needless to say, I wasn’t allowed back at this girl’s house again.

The other Twitter responses will not only make you cry over young girls who felt unwelcomed, bullied and straight up uncomfortable, but they’ll also make you wish you never have any daughters so you’ll never have to worry or relive these nightmares ever again.