Just 17 Incredibly Awwwwkward Moments From The 2018 Oscars

Whenever there’s a televised night in Hollywood and everyone who’s anyone is there, we know there’s going to be a few awkward moments. What would entertainment be if we didn’t get to recap the weirdest, funniest, slip-up moments of the night and break it down in a simple listicle for you beautiful people of the Internet to read? Enjoy.

1. Jennifer Lawrence was too lazy to walk to her seat and instead, climbed over some chairs in a Dior gown.

Getty Images

2. Meryl Streep looked like the fairy God-mother from Shrek.


3. Taraji P. Henson straight up shaded Ryan Seacrest on national television.

4. The Oscars cheaped out and forgot to give stars a podium, so most of the awards went on the floor.


5. Kumail Nanjiani threw some shade at Chris Pine before giving a pretty empowering speech.

6. This guy couldn’t afford a full tuxedo apparently.

7. Sam Rockwell called a jet ski a “ski jet.”


8. Ansel Elgort got rejected big time.

9. His girlfriend also wore a see-through dress to the Oscars.

10. Kobe Bryant called out Laura Ingrahm in his acceptance speech.