26 Guys Confess The Most Annoying Sh*t Their Girlfriends Do

Relationships are never truly “happiness and bliss” all of the time and if you think they are – you’re on some serious drugs, my friend. A lot of times when you’re in a relationship with someone long-term, they will do things that get on your damn nerves. From big things like methods of conversation, their friends they keep and texting other people to smaller things like the way they chew, their annoying bad habits and snoring all night long – no relationship is annoying-things-free. Let’s face it, you’re thinking about all the things your significant other does that pisses you the f*ck off right now (list them all in the comments so we can get a good laugh). We asked 26 guys what’s the most annoying thing their girlfriend does and – here I am, questioning my entire life.

1. Nick:

Whenever my girlfriend showers at my place, she leaves her hair all over my shower walls. Honestly, it’s gross.

2. Brian:

I hate when my girlfriend takes pictures of her food when we’re out to eat before eating it. I’m on a date with you, not your entire Snapchat profile.

3. Lucas:

My girlfriend always leaves her dirty underwear on the bathroom floor after she showers. Pick up your sh*t, Stephanie!!!

4. Jay:

I hate when my girlfriend picks her cuticles and makes them bleed. It’s like wasting all your money you spend getting them done.

5. Mark:

Whenever my girlfriend tries to have a serious talk with me when I’m watching something, like a game or a TV show. It’s like she waits until I’m in the middle of it to talk.