26 Guys Confess The Most Annoying Sh*t Their Girlfriends Do

6. Wayne:

It’s annoying when my girl wears that shiny lipgloss gunk when we go out because if I kiss her, I’m now wearing shiny lipgloss gunk.

7. Dante:

Whenever my girlfriend doesn’t clean her hair out of our shower drain or our hairbrush. She sheds like a motherf*cker.

8. Damion:

It pisses me off when my girlfriend tries to make me feel guilty for going out with the guys on a Friday night. Yeah, we’re dating but also we need to have our own lives.

9. Kyle:

When my girl tries to tell me how to dress. I’m not a Ken doll.

10. Greg:

Do not, I repeat, do not tell me what I can and cannot eat. My body, my rules.