26 Guys Confess The Most Annoying Sh*t Their Girlfriends Do

11. Harrison:

I don’t like when my girlfriend exploits our relationship on social media to make other people all jealous and sh*t. It’s nice to post some stuff, not all of our everyday life.

12. Alex:

When my girl doesn’t shave her legs and wears shorts to bed, it’s like sleeping with a cactus.

13. Vince:

Whenever we’re out with my friends and my girlfriend brings up sh*t I say or do with her and her only. Don’t embarrass me in front of my boys, some stuff should stay between us, you know?

14. Frankie:

When my girl automatically assumes we’re getting married. Chill, we haven’t even discussed it yet.

15. Samuel:

I hate when my girlfriend says she’s seen a movie when she really hasn’t just because she doesn’t want to watch it. Don’t lie.