26 Guys Confess The Most Annoying Sh*t Their Girlfriends Do

21. Tommy:

Why does my girlfriend need 25 pairs of heels when she only wears them when she goes out? She has so many, they take up our entire hallway in our apartment.

22. Ralph:

Whenever my girlfriend has a problem with me she vents to my sister, and then it becomes a family thing and it’s not cool.

23. Blake:

The most annoying thing my girlfriend does by far is call me weird pet names. Baby and babe I’m cool with, don’t call me pookie or lovebug or weird sh*t. Especially in public!!

24. Craig:

Whenever my girlfriend gets paid, she immediately blows it on clothes. I’ve been trying to save up to go on vacation together but she “needs” everything. Blows.

25. Domenick:

I hate when my girlfriend tells me we need to plan things months in advance, like asking to go to dinner with people in 4 weeks. How do I know how I’ll feel that week or what’s going on?

26. Louis:

Whenever my girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex, she lies and says she’s on her period. I know damn well periods don’t last 3.5 weeks.