People Reveal The Most Uncomfortable Ways They’ve Discovered Someone Had A Crush On Them


He drove a bunch of people home, including me, from a get together and he went past my house twice to take other people home first. Then he parked two streets away from my house and locked the doors, and started ranting about how women don’t appreciate what’s right in front of them.

It was really fucking scary tbh.


In preschool there was a girl that had a crush on me and desperately wanted to give me a kiss. Naturally at that time girls had cooties and there was no way in hell I was letting that kiss happen.

She chased me to the playground at school while I was on the swings. The metal swing hit her in the head and cracked open her skull. She went to the ER and was fine, but I never saw her again.


The situation wasn’t really creepy so much as i dodged/wasn’t interest in, a bullet. This punk chick have me her number when i was working at a video store. I didn’t call cause im not into the punk look. A coworker knew her a told me later that she was crazy and set fire to her parents house.