33 Genius Ideas That Every Human Being Needs In Their Life Immediately

We all have our clever little life hacks that make our everyday routine a bit easier. Sadly, we never seem to push these ideas and bring them into fruition for the human race to enjoy. These 33 genius ideas are incredible and would make everyone’s day go a bit smoother. It’s hard to believe that these ideas aren’t universally put to use. We’ve all driven around mall parking lots like 4653746 times looking for a parking spot. With this clever light idea just think about all the time and stress that will be saved! Have you ever had a few drinks and wanted McDonald’s but only the drive thru is open? This leaves you straight out of luck but not if there is a walk thru window! which is something I’ve only dreamed of. Enjoy this list of 33 clever ideas that will change the way you live your life.

1. This toilet makes sure you have a sanitary seat everytime!

2. These lights let you know if there’s an empty parking spot.

3. This walk thru McDonalds window is a thing of beauty.