This Woman’s Horrifying Poop Story Will Make You Think Twice About Ever Drinking Coffee Before A Date

We all have embarrassing stories we wish to keep a secret for the remainder of our lives.

While some people like to keep their embarrassing experiences to themselves, others like to share them with the entire world–you know, to prevent others from going through the same thing. One Twitter user decided to share the unfortunate and insane story of taking a poop on a date that seriously blew my mind (one, that she would share this and two, that she did this). Brace yourselves.

Everyone knows the sheer panic that hits when you take a poop somewhere other than your home and it doesn’t flush.

But–she did this?!?

I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen now because–the girl had a turd in her purse. Doesn’t it smell? That’s horrifying.

I mean, who better to text than your sister for poop advice–I’d do the same.

This girl got lucky.

Listen ladies–save your iced coffee for the days when you’re not going on a date, just in case.