This Guy’s Story Of The Accident His Family Had While Scattering His Grandmother’s Ashes Is Painfully Funny

When some people leave the world, they decide they’d rather be cremated and scattered in their favorite place instead of being buried in the ground.

I, personally, would prefer to be scattered somewhere nice and tropical instead of spending the rest of my afterlife in the ground somewhere dark and cold. But, when you do decide to scatter someone’s ashes, you should be sure to do it on a day when it’s not so windy. Wind and ashes, well, they’re not a great mix. And, if anyone knows this–it’s Mitch Feltscheer. Just take a look at what happened when he and his family gathered together to scatter his grandmother’s ashes.

The family got together to scatter Mitch’s grandmother’s ashes together.

They decided to go to her favorite place–overlooking beachside cliffs.

Well, this isn’t going to end well.

Way to take one for the team, Dad.

Oh, no no no no.

I’m cackling.

Oh My God.

Obviously, this is one story that this family will tell again and again forever to remember their grandmother. Twitter, of course, was in stitches with laughter.