People Reveal The Most Uncomfortable Ways They’ve Discovered Someone Had A Crush On Them


There is fanfiction starring me.


When I worked at home depot this woman sack tapped me as we walked past each other in the break room. I was hunched over and asked “wtf”. She said she was flirting with me…..I was 19, she was 27 and married with two kids.


He stole my undies. They were sexy underwear my roommate bought for me from her department store job (for whatever reason) but I never wore them. Anyway, one day I was at work and she let her shithead ex-boyfriend and his best friend into our apartment and the best friend went into my bedroom and stole the panties. When I confronted my roommate about letting him into my bedroom when I wasn’t home she didn’t see anything wrong with what happened. He also crawled into my bed while I was trying to sleep but I made him get out of my bedroom. Nobody else in the apartment saw anything wrong with that either. I wasn’t even mean about it, just like “Um I can’t let you sleep here. I can’t sleep with you in here, sorry.” because I didn’t want to look like a “bitch” again. Everyone was pretty much like “Why are you being so uptight? His back hurts sleeping on the couch.” I actually stood there wondering if I was overreacting because of how much flack these people were giving me about everything that was happening. Anyway, that was a roommate from hell story too.