People Reveal The Most Uncomfortable Ways They’ve Discovered Someone Had A Crush On Them


A guy in my class followed me out after an exam and, because of previous encounters, I went into another building to get away from him. When I came out 10 minutes later thinking the coast was clear, I started walking again, looked up ahead and he was staring at me. I looked away and kept walking, only to realize he was hiding behind a tree waiting for me to catch up to him. He then came out from behind the tree, didn’t say anything to me but walked next to me, and then followed me into another building to ask if he could walk with me. He then asked me out and I declined.


So, when I was in middle school, I was well known for liking cats. So, some friend of the guy that I actually did like decides that he was gonna follow me around the playground, PURRING to woo me.

A decade later and that still gives me the heebie jeebies.


Not me but a friend, the friend in question is a junior, apparently he was talking to some friends in class and some random girl, who apparently had a stalker level crush on him for 2-3 years, gave him a box and asked him to hold it, he is pretty nice so he held on to it for her, when he gives it back she opens the box, sees the ring she puts in there, and starts trying to act like he proposed.