25 People Share The Exact Moment That *Instantly* Killed Their Crush On Someone

You ever have a crush on someone, and then they do this one insane thing that makes you realize they are a ginormous d-bag you need to run far and fast from? I remember one time in high school I was at my crush’s house and he told his mom to “shut the f*ck up” because she’d asked him the same question several times. FIRST OF ALL, we’d get our asses whooped in my house for that kind of talk, and second of all, any man who is rude to his mom will be rude to the other women in his life.

It’s always interesting to hear about these moments in the lives of others, the moments they realized their crush was the wooooorst. Which is why when u/torkpo asked Reddit, “What is something that instantly killed a crush you had on someone?” you know we had to round up the best responses for y’all:

1. It was not even remotely listening, for u/catsnlacquer:

“Who the fuck is Sean?!”

Uh, my little brother, who I talked about yesterday. So not only did he not listen when I talked about people who are important to me, he was aggressively possessive and jealous.

2. Control freak, much? u/beibers_new_hat:

“He got visibly annoyed when I didn’t order what he suggested off of a menu.”

3. Guess she didn’t see a breakup from u/devolutionist coming…

She told me after we’d been dating for a few weeks that she seriously believes she has psychic powers. I was already thinking of calling it off but that was the moment I knew for sure that we weren’t going to be compatible. Dating a psychic is not worth the stress of knowing she could be reading my thoughts at any moment.

4. Now u/Frankocean2 is saying she a gold digger…

Mine was more subtle… the first thing that came of her mouth to talk about former people she had dated was economic issues. You know:

“Oh, he was loaded”

“Oh, he took me to Paris for the weekend”.

Made me realize her priorities.

5. Basically, don’t be a trash person says u/SteakHoagie666:

After a movie I grabbed my trash and she laughed and smacked it out of my hand onto the floor and said “people get paid to clean it” I just looked at her and said “why would you intentionally make someone’s life harder when you have two free hands to carry trash 15 feet to the can?” She couldn’t grasp that concept and I never felt attracted to her again.

6. Uncomfortable silence = never again, says u/SufferingSaxifrage:

Zero chemistry when alone together. Was really into someone from the extended friend group, seemed to get along great when others were around and there was some mutual flirting for a while. The first time we tried to hang out on our own there was just… nothing. I’ve never had so much uncomfortable silence and conversations aborted after one or two responses…crush gone then and there.

7. u/PeachFoam had a similar experience, but ruder: