25 People Share The Exact Moment That *Instantly* Killed Their Crush On Someone

He was on his phone the entire time we were having dinner. I didn’t feel comfortable asking him to get off of his phone, so I mostly just sat there awkwardly and felt the butterflies leave my stomach.

8. WOW u/queenchristina this is…a red flag, to say the least:

Googling him and finding his Wedding Registry. For that weekend.

9. That’ll do it, u/EnchantedSand:

He treated a friend of mine like crap … after he slept with her.

That killed it.

10. u/NonStickRabbit got out when her crush turned out to be an animal murderer:

We were out driving and he swerved the vehicle to deliberately hit a sparrow whilst laughing.

Yeah nah, bye..

Pear_Cider‘s story is a close second:

He kicked a stray cat. An instant and total turn-off for me.

Edited to include the following information:

Some of you have asked me if I’d kicked him where it hurts. I didn’t. His act left me frozen in shock at first. It took me a moment to realize that what he did actually happened, as it was totally unexpected, with no warning signs.

I then wanted to make sure the cat was okay, but it ran away from me. I guess I could’ve kicked him next, but I really wanted to leave. I told him we were done and that his treatment of the feline (that posed no threat to either of us) was absolutely revolting. He initially tried to excuse his behaviour, but quickly realized it was futile, so instead he promised not to do it again. It was of little consequence to me at that point and I left right after.

11. Wait, u/sirpoopofpoopington, you mean like…a horoscope?

Made life decisions by checking some sort of online star sign thing which was basically a random generator of generic sayings.

12. u/Prostias‘ crush wasn’t loving it, I guess:

She threw a bunch of old McDonald’s bags out of her car window then smiled at me like she did something badass

13. Apparently, the type of chick who did this to u/MexicansInParis is not unique:

Because she loved the fact that, according to her, every male friend of her wanted to have sex with her, so she could just keep guys around and fuck them whenever she wanted. That kind of ultra-narcissism killed it for me.

Adds u/LoveBull:

A lot of people do this. Source: Ex. Would generate fights & then go off to shag these men whenever she was “in a bad mood.” All these men used to pay lots of attention to her & she used to love feeling superior to me. It’s a horrible thing to do.

Adds u/That_HomelessGuy:

Can confirm this. Not only did my ex try it with me but I know someone who does it constantly and her fella can’t leave or she will take away his kid. He just cheats on the side from time to time now just so he can have a little of that which she doesn’t give him.