25 People Share The Exact Moment That *Instantly* Killed Their Crush On Someone

14. U/toasted-bagels doesn’t want to date a bully:

Started to insult my life style, hobbies, the way I talked, basically everything. Not exactly the nicest person I know

15. I have no words for offbeat2016‘s story…

When he told me he’d walk out on me if I didn’t forget my dead brother and get over the grieving, pronto! (three months after my only sibling died in a car crash)

Oh wait.. That was my marriage..

16. Unlike u/recidivx, make sure you hang out with someone who knows how to party:

She invited me to a small party and the main activity was that we all sat round a table while she asked us pre-scripted getting-to-know-you questions.

Then she invited me to an even smaller and totally-different-sounding party and did it again.

17. u/Blondied with a lesson in how not to behave:

He was extremely attractive and we had been on a few hikes together with a small group, and I was crushing pretty hard. We were at a mutual friend’s place for her birthday, and he spent the majority of the night telling me about all of these dates he had been on and how he could get whatever girl he wanted. Instantly killed that crush.

18. Take note; Ignoring your kid is a major turnoff:

Not wanting to have anything to do with his child because he hates his ex, even though his ex isn’t even raising the kid, some random lady is.

And being mean to them IS EVEN WORSE:

The way she talked about her son. It wasn’t a one time thing, she would just shit talk this poor little 6 year old all day. The times I came over, he’d show me his cars and toys and I of course acted super interested in them. She would just tell him to “stop being so annoying” and to go play in his room. He just wanted to show me his cool stuff you c*nt.

19. Maybe she really was this dumb, u/CatchingTheBear?

She was super intelligent and clever, but thought it was cuter to play dumb all the time.

And not just a little dumb, like totally-behind-the-curve stupid. She knew that part of what always attracted me was that she was always so comfortable being herself around me (sweet and intellectual) but in public she just refused to act like she had any wits about her. Most of my (and her own) friends really jut thought she was a cute idiot.

20. Seems like u/moodychurchill lucked out when this dude announced his douchebaggery:

A guy who I knew from parties had been asking me out for a while but some twinge in my gut kept me from accepting. He had been super supportive of my weightloss journey and had always been amazing but there was just….something.

He posted a HUGE rant on Facebook about how he tore a strip off a girl at the gym because she dared to take a selfie while working out. He commented on how he hates stuck up girls and he couldn’t stand her preening and she needed to be taken down a peg or two. He actually went over and cut her up verbally. Then the next time we talked I asked him about it and he explained how he can’t stand “show offs” (with an instagram full of him posing because he lifts) but apparently her outfit was too tight, her midriff was showing, she had make up on (OMG GASP) and was generally acting like she had some self esteem.

He was so proud that he had made her cry. When I pointed out how much that would have absolutely crushed me if I had been the girl be basically said my self esteem would never allow me to act like that and I was one of those “cute shy girls who need a guy to build them up.”