Men Share The One Trait In A Woman That Turns Them Off Completely

The dating world can be a difficult one to navigate. Sometimes, everything about a person is awesome, except for that one thing that just ruins it completely. We scoured some Quora and AskReddit threads asking men what the one trait is that turns them completely off a woman. The answers were…enlightening.

Acting entitled:

Girls stating they need a man who treats her like royalty and throws his own life at her feet to make her special like she thinks she deserves. I’m all for treating my SO because I care and like seeing her happy but if you tell me its my duty then up yours.

Being too involved with their phone

She’s always there but not there. Always texting and has the attention span of a hummingbird or shares a bored look. Either way, most of the times it feels like your date might walk off at any time.

Or constantly leaving people on ‘read‘:

When they can’t be reached by non-magical means. If I call you, and you don’t answer, I expect you to call or text me back as soon as you are capable of conscious thought (not doing so after you get home from graveyard shift is therefore excused). That shouldn’t take more than 2 days, especially if we agreed that we’ll call each other and set up that date.