People Reveal The Biggest Signs That A Relationship Is Coming To An End

When you’re inside of a doomed relationship, it’s difficult to see how doomed it really is. There are so many reasons to not leave a relationship that makes you unhappy- so many more than there are reasons for staying in one that does make you happy.

The most frequent comment by far on several AskReddit threads asking about signs that a relationship has run its course is something along the lines of “Oh no, this is my life right now.” Like I said, sometimes it’s harder to see it’s time to break it off than to actually break it off. Here are some of the biggest signs the relationship is no longer salvageable:

For pyenapplepyro, it was because her partner’s excitement at not having to care or try so hard anymore:

My ex thought we were doing great because I wasn’t nagging anymore. I wasn’t making him make time to talk about me, or making him stop talking about the same subjects on loop, and I didn’t even bother asking him to get his family to stop being terrible. Best thing was I wasn’t talking about wedding plans, because I didn’t realize weddings and parties were expensive.

He was completely blindsided when I said I couldn’t do it anymore. Dumbass.

Constantly feeling as though you are walking on eggshells is a big relationship red flag, shares xylitoll:

Being afraid of saying something that might piss off your SO. Basically just being afraid to speak your mind.

Or just feeling irritation at every. little. thing. your partner says or does:

Getting slightly annoyed at everything the other person says, and blowing up at little things. It’s a sign that there are big problems that need to be worked out.