People Reveal The Biggest Signs That A Relationship Is Coming To An End

Feeling like you always have to be “on” and that everything is an uphill battle:

Constant criticism.

No affection.

Withholding sex.

Never owning up to mistakes and blowing up on the other person constantly.

When you start to fear your partner’s response to the things you’re doing without them, it’s a real big problem:

When you become more and more afraid to tell the other person what you were doing while they weren’t there. You wouldn’t think of it unless you’ve been through it and it’s truly a problem. If you mean like it’s difficult to talk to the person about anything you do without them.

Case and point via ladylondonderry:

Holy shit, right?? My brother-in-law freaked out when I mentioned the season of Arrested Development I gifted him, because his girlfriend was there. He later said he loved it and watched the whole series, but just didn’t want her to know about it. Which…what? Why?