People Reveal The Biggest Signs That A Relationship Is Coming To An End

Feeling and displaying dislike at the sight of your partner, however subconsciously:

The looks you see them shoot at each other when out or at a public event. I’ve seen some pure hatred shot across a table or room.

Feeling as though you’re constantly under somebody’s thumb:

For me it was this and realizing how controlling he was. It never starts off bad, I would see my friends all the time in the beginning and do my own thing while he worked evenings or nights. Slowly over time he no longer wanted me seeing my friends at all. I would get dinner with a female friend and be terrified to tell him. I started coming up with excuses and cancelling on everyone because it was exhausting dealing with his anger afterward. It’s one of those things you don’t realize how bad it is until you’re out of it.

Or feeling as though you’re alone in the relationship, and you’re unlovable:

Feeling like youre hard to love. Your SO doesnt communicate the way you want them too. They just changed and you can feel it. I feel alone in my own relationship. Over thinking.