18 Signs Your Boyfriend Is One Of The ‘Good Ones’

We all thought we wanted the complicated, mysterious “bad boy” as a boyfriend. We thought we wanted the perplexing guy, you know, you’ll ask him questions and all of his answers will be vague, and challenge the very construct of the question itself. He’s also the guy who pulls a 180 when everything is going great and tells you he’s in a very difficult time in his life saying stuff like, “I just can’t…I need space, I like you so much but this is very overwhelming for me…I likeyou too much, I’m scared.?

In reality, that guy is just an egotistical douche, and after you constantly had to bend over backward and put your feelings aside because, you know, his inner world was just so deep and complicated, you realized that the rush of the drama got old fast when stress and instability started to swallow your happiness.

A real epic love will be with the guy who will put you first and will never do things that will hurt you, period. Basically, he’s the Unicorn Boyfriend, a mythical creature that we’re all looking for:

1. He doesn’t play games. He doesn’t say anything to you with the intention to instill a hidden meaning. He’s a straightforward man, who says what he means and means what he says.

2. He never pulls a 180 because he would never risk losing you.

3. He’s always honest with you. In the beginning, you might question his intentions because you’re not used to such sincerity, but quickly you realize that he’s this genuine because he cares.

4. He doesn’t make excuses. There’s never going to be a, “but baby I’m so depressed…I contacted all those girls because of I’m…depressed..” He never puts his issues on you, and would never use his issues as an excuse to treat you poorly.

5. The people who are important to you are important to him. Your mom, dad, best friend – he not only goes out of his way to help you in any way he can but people that are close to you, too.

6. He finds sexiness instability.

7. He never adds stress, there’s just emotional support. He would never bring you complications because all he wants is to bring you laughter and make your life easier.

8. Whether or not he’s in a difficult time in his life, he always puts in the effort that it takes to be with you. No matter what, he comes through for you and you know you can depend on him.

9. He doesn’t call you names or degrade you. No matter how passionate you two are, that never leads to him cursing at you, ever.

10. You don’t have to work to be happy together. In a world where everything is so complicated, happiness should be simple and, trust me, so is love.

11. He likes when you challenge him. When you get jealous or hurt he doesn’t say that you’re too much drama or that you’re too controlling and demanding; he won’t throw tantrums because he’s a man.

12. If he’s done something to upset you he takes responsibly for his actions, figures out a way to never let it happen again and actually follows through with it.

13. He’ll always let you have the last slice.

14. He will make other girls jealous of you and not vice versa – he’s never going to put himself in a situation where it can potentially lead some girl on and hurt you because your feelings are his first priority.

15. He’s laid back and positive. He’s the man you want to have next to you in any stressfulsituation because you always find yourself being recharged by his positive energy.

16. He respects your independence and does everything he can to help and encourage you to grow into the fullest, strongest, fiercest version of you.

17. He will patiently listen to you while you speak your mind and he won’t negate your concerns with his honest feedback.

18. He can make you laugh in literally any situation, and doesn’t mind making a fool of himself if it means getting a smile out of you.