15 Ways To Actually Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Its one thing to be in a relationship and committed to someone full-time, but being in a long distant one can be hard on a couple. Let’s face it, when you’re in love with someone, it sucks not being able to see them all of the time. But, there are certain circumstances in life that require people who are in love to be in two places at the same time. When you’re really in love with someone, you’ll try to make it work no matter what – even if it means being with someone you hardly see. The stigma behind long-distance relationships is that they usually cannot work. But, if you really love someone and you put in the effort, it can work. And, you should really focus on some things to make sure you don’t completely make your life a lonely bubble, too.

1. Avoid excessive communication.

This sounds weird to say but its true. The more you talk to each other, especially if it’s all the time, the duller you make your relationship. You don’t need to talk with your significant other 24/7. I know I’d run out of things to say if I managed to talk to my partner every second of the entire day. Of course its okay to speak with them throughout the day just not all the time. You need to learn how to operate without them attached at your hip (digitally) 24/7. You can be with someone and be committed but also have your own life, too.

2. Be Committed to that person 100%.

If you know you want to make this relationship work and have a future then make sure that person is the right person. You both need to be equally committed to one another and know that you can trust each other if you plan on spending your entire life with them. If they don’t see a future with you and want to be committed then it’s time to say goodbye. Be on the same page as your significant other in terms of where you want the relationship to go.

3. Take the time to visit each other.

Obviously, this is a must. Both of you probably have very busy schedules but it’s important to schedule time with each other. When both of you make the effort to see one another, it makes that other person feel important and know they are worth driving or flying all that way just to see you. Once that time comes, make them your priority and not worry about doing anything else such as spending time on social media or texting your friends.

4. Set ground rules.

Having rules sounds dumb but it’s really not. Both of you need to be clear about what you want and expect in this relationship and to be open and honest about everything. Setting ground rules will help you and your partner feel more comfortable being apart. If something makes you uncomfortable, voice your opinion. Don’t hold back and let resentment grow.

5. Avoid bad situations.

Being apart from each other can be hard especially when it comes to going out or doing things with others and having that other person wonder what is going on. Be sure to discuss with your partner what your plans are for the day/night so they know what is going on. This will help avoid those bad situations that could pop up.