15 Ways To Actually Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work

11. Give each other a personal gift or object of yours.

Something so simple as just a t-shirt, a ring, a CD, whatever it may be it has the physical connection with that person because you have something of theirs. It might not mean a lot to someone else but it does to you because there is an attachment to that object. We attach meanings to the simplest things and will feel like we have a part of them with us.

12. Have a life outside of your LDR.

Don’t let your life revolve around your significant other. Remember you still have a life to live even though we both know you wish you could be spending it with your them instead. You still need to enjoy life and have fun. Go do something you enjoy doing like shopping or going to the gym. Spend time with your friends and family. Whatever it is, do it. As long as its something that makes you feel good.

13. Be positive.

Like I said before, yes it’s tough being far away from one another but you have to think positive about it. See the glass half full rather than half empty. Be grateful that you have this relationship and are able to make it work. If you both love each other and know that this can work then that’s all that matters.

14. Plan the move.

You can’t stay in a long distance relationship FOREVER. Eventually you both need to be together in person. For now it could be because you or the other person is in college or for a job but you both know eventually you will want to be together all the time. Talk about the moments you will be together at last. Plan your life together like where you’ll live, what you’ll do, how you’ll decorate the house. It’s exciting.

15. Video-Chat Whenever You Can

Seeing each other’s faces, emotions and expressions are the best so be sure to “Face Time” or Skype when you can rather than texting or talking on the phone. Also being able to see their face and hear your voice, you can capture their true moments and know how they really feel compared to just seeing a text message.