Twitter Sums Up The 20 ‘Stupidest Things Couples Fight About’ And It’s So Painfully Real

If you’re in a relationship or have ever been in a relationship with someone before, you know that having fights are expected. No couple is perfect and no couple falls in love and stays in love without having fights every now and then. From the big blowouts to the small ones that end in laughs–couples all go through the motions of arguments and frustration. Sometimes, we’ll fight about things that are “make or break” to our relationship. Other times, we’ll fight about really dumb stuff that simply doesn’t matter in the long run. Those fights, those are the worst–because in the end, you realize “why the f*ck are we even fighting” but, you’re in so deep, you can’t turn around and say “forget it.” Twitter is revealing the stupidest fights couples get into and to be honest, they’re way too real.

1. Well…I can’t decide.


3. Maybe if you listened 6 months ago.