Why the Best Relationships Start as Friendships 

Life is better with friends.

Think about who you are when you’re with your friends and then think about who you are when you’re with someone you’re meeting for the first time. Which one is more true to who you are?


When you date someone who you’re friends with first, the relationship is much more real.

You obviously liked who they were enough to be friends with them. You’ve seen how they treat their SO’s. You know how they are with their family. You already like them, so it’s easier to fall for them.

If you meet someone and you jump right into dating, you learn all kinds of new things about someone, which is cool, but the connection isn’t as immediate.

When you start dating someone you’re friends with, the two of you already have a connection and stories you can reminisce on from when you were “just friends.” Not to mention, you get to ask yourselves how neither of you saw it before.

It’s also cool you guys don’t have to go through that awkward period of “do I trust you?” Trusting someone new is one of the hardest parts of a relationship, but as friends that trust is already there.

I like dating people I’m friends with because it makes me feel like I’m not letting a stranger into the raw parts of my life, but dating friends has its downside.

I dated one of my good friends in high school, and I didn’t realize how much I valued my friendship with him until I didn’t have it anymore. Isn’t it funny how life works like that?

So before you jump into a relationship with a friend, you have to think about how much you value your friendship because once you’ve been with someone and the emotions have grown as much as they have, it’s hard to go back to being just friends.

Whether or not you decide to date your friend is up to you. Do you want to play it safe and keep this person in your life, even if it’s platonically? Or do you want to risk your friendship and maybe find the love of your life?

Choose wisely, but remember, though it may be risky, dating one of your friends could be the greatest ride of your life.