16 Guys Share Their Most Embarrassing Sex-Fails, And They Will Make You Cringe So Hard

Everyone has embarrassing moments during sex. Usually it’s part of the fun, and sometimes it can bring you a lot closer to whoever it is you’re doing the deed with. Then, sometimes, a sex fail is so bad you end up never seeing the person again and also changing your official address to “here under this rock forever, thanks.”

Let’s be real, though. No one has worse sex-fails than guys. Between their constant blind, fumbling horniness, and the pressure they’re under to “perform,” it can be a recipe for disaster. 

I present, as evidence, this AskReddit thread where guys stepped up to share their most embarrassing, cringe-inducing, horrific and painful sex failures. Warning: these are NSFW-AF and also very difficult to read.

1. From user groggyhippo

Girlfriend was riding me cowgirl position. She looked so good up there that I just had to reach around and smack her on the ass. Unfortunately, I reached a little too far, and slapped my balls between her legs with great enthusiasm. Had to take a breather before we could continue lol

2. From user Evil_AppleJuice

Moaned my own name out loud. Was turned on at the thought of her doing it, but i kinda thought out loud.

3. From user damthatriver18

Knocking teeth together when going in for a kiss is pretty bad.

4. From user Dispatter

Fell alseep while receiving a BJ.

5. From user enjoy_life_fully

Wrong name. Period.