16 Guys Share Their Most Embarrassing Sex-Fails, And They Will Make You Cringe So Hard

16. From user GltyUntlPrvnInncnt

Oh, I have a good one!

So my SO at the time and I went out for drinks and whatnot. I happened to have had just a little bit too much to drink during the evening.

After we get back to my place I’m ready to go to bed. She’s not however. She wants to have sex before bed. I’m explaining to her that my penis has already fallen asleep, and there will be no sex tonight.

Well, she was very determined to have sex and decided to give it a go. By some miracle I’m actually getting hard, but I’m still telling her that I’m not feeling that good, and we should just go to bed and resume sexual activities in the morning.

But she wants to have sex right now, and tells me that I don’t have to do much; she’ll get on top. I’m all for this, thinking how nice it will be to fall asleep having sex.

Little did I know that her bouncing up and down on my stomach would make me throw up like I’ve never done before. So I ended up puking all over her boobs, all over myself and and also all over the bed.

Then I kind of passed out and woke up hungover in a huge puddle of puke. More throwing up ensued in the morning…

Not necessarily my finest moment to be honest…

Didn’t matter, had sex, I guess. Later on we would laugh about the incident, didn’t feel like laughing when all of this was going down though LOL