16 Guys Share Their Most Embarrassing Sex-Fails, And They Will Make You Cringe So Hard

6. From user Coidzor

Sneezed blood all over the back of a girl I was dating at the time in doggy style once.

7. From user Feierskov

While not really an accident, I had sex with my gf for the first time after a major surgery. She was gentle during the act, but when I came I screamed in horrible agony because my body contracted and I was nowhere near healed.

8. From user LG1T

This one girl I dated had smaller B-Cups and when our chests pressed together somehow it made a suction cup noise. Basically any time our chests got near each other this happened and it was a total mood killer as we were young. She felt embarrassed while I was just happy to be there.

9. From user frumious88

Girl was on top and I was getting close to cumming. She got off and my cumshot hit me straight in the face. I kind of laid there in shock and she couldn’t breathe because she was laughing so hard.

TLDR: Came in my own face

10. From user 4_string_troubador

Drunk, watching my gf (we’ll call her R) with another girl (Bl). I decide to have sex with R doggy style, but B was pretty tall, so R was close to the end of the bed. I tried to balance on the edge of the bed, fell off and cracked my head on the wall.

The girls did not notice