16 Guys Share Their Most Embarrassing Sex-Fails, And They Will Make You Cringe So Hard

11. From user i_a1m_to_misbehave

Having sex in my friend’s bed – we both knew her bed was broken, but in our drunken state we decided to do it anyway. All of her housemates heard the springs jangling, then one corner of the mattress gave way entirely – we kind of slid into the corner of the room between the bedframe and the wall, and had to disentangle ourselves.

It was absolutely hilarious, and I think that being able to laugh about stuff like that during sex is quite a good thing.

The other instance is when I was thrown up on during an abrubtly-cut-short blowjob. Managed to stifle my laughter at the time because I think I’d have made her feel bad, but we had a giggle over it afterwards.

12. From user Dispatter

I have one more for you!

There was this girl I was crazy in love with. First time we had sex I was so nervous I couldn’t get it up. I was 23 and it happened to me for the first time. When I finally managed to get hard, I came in like 40 seconds. After a break I also came super fast. I can’t even describe the embarassment and the shame I felt.

The worst part was her asking me “Was that your first time?” the next day.

13. From user I_drive_all_over

My wife and I were going at it missionary near the top corner of the bed. The pillow got pushed onto the nightstand and caught fire from the candle. I immediately saw it and started beating the pillow with another pillow to put the fire out. It burned a huge hole through it. We laughed and now as a rule lit candles stay on the dresser away from the bed.

14. From user TheGentlemanLoser

Drunk, girl going down on me, she was really good and in a particular moment where she caused me to lift a bit… I farted, and it was rancid.

15. From user throwaway902462

Came within 15 seconds from a blow job. She is not very understanding at all, proceeds to more or less humiliate me and my inability to get it back up after that before kicking me out.