27 Guys Reveal The Things Girls Do That Make Their Interest Level Drop Instantly

Everyone knows the dating scene is brutal for women. When the first test your date has to pass is the one where you figure out if he’s a murderer — you know the odds are stacked against you. Thing is, guys have a hard time, too. Mostly because when women are crazy, they keep it hidden like it’s the nuclear codes — until one day you’re in the middle of a hayfield posing as a scarecrow while she shoots you with a BB gun. Long story.

Over at AskReddit, folks wanted to find out some of the initial signs that might take a guys interest in a girl from 100 to 0 the fastest. The mood killers, the red flags, the deal breakers. And boy are they revealing.

1. From user Connorthedev

Having to “chase” her constantly. If I’m the only one acting like I give a shit, Im no longer giving a shit.

2. From user Baron_Blackbird

She says or does things to “test the relationship” or “see how I would react.” Easy, I leave or state “You should go.” if at my house.


Disrespecting someone they don’t know for their position in life: janitors, custodians, waiters and cooks, bus drivers, etc. If you believe any of those people are “below” you, then I’m done.


Making fun of someones appearance.

Fuck you random woman, that man in my thrift-shops name is Peter, he was in a horrific car-accident when he was younger and suffered a brain injury as well as some scarring. That’s why he dresses a bit funny and looks kinda dumpy. But he comes in almost every day to buy photo frames to put pictures of his parent in who died in that car accident in. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

5. From user BIGMACIN

I recently had someone say that she didn’t drink water unless she absolutely had nothing else. She said she hated it. That, for some reason, was one of the most unattractive things I’d ever heard.