21 People Reveal The Genius Ways They’ve Managed To Cheat The System

Life is all about getting ahead however you can. Sure, your parents probably taught you respect, and how to play by the rules, and not to step on others for personal gain. At some point though, you gotta realize that if you can cheat and get away with it, it’s not really cheating!

Okay that’s obviously bad advice, but you didn’t come here for advice. You came here to look at memes and be entertained. So sit back and take in this AskReddit thread about the best ways people have found to cheat the system. They may not all be ethical, but they’ll all make you feel a little less powerless in this world.

1. From user greyham0707

So I work in the luggage claim department for a major airline. All day I get to hear customers yelling and complaining.What I did is borrow one of the wheelchairs from the airport and sit behind my desk all day long. Customers come in all angry see me in the wheelchair realize they are about to yell at a guy who is possibly crippled and all of a sudden they turn in to the nicest people. Physically my blood pressure has dropped and in general I’m in a pretty good mood most of the time.

2. From user amitrippin

My boss will often check the “Date Modified” on certain files on our server to see if I have updated of even opened a certain file recently. So, I have installed a changer utility that allows me to modify the “Date Modified” on any file. This comes in most handy when my boss wants to give me weekend assignments. I just come in on Monday Morning and change the “Date Modified” to Saturday night and he thinks I was actually doing something for work on Saturday night! I’ve actually received a lot of kudos for this. I don’t feel bad though, because my boss is a huge dickhead.

3. From user blueboybob

My wife and I were at a super fancy restaurant in NYC. Reservations not allowed, expect to wait. We get there and are told we would be waiting about 2 hours. No problem we planned on this. Some guy right after us shook the reservation guys hand handing him $200. Next thing I know I hear “Table for 2 for Thomas.” Thomas being my name and I asked for a table of 2 I say that is me. They sit us and we order drinks and apps. 5 minutes later they say we are the wrong Thomas but we could stay since we had already ordered. Guess who was the right Thomas? The guy who paid $200 to skip the line.

4. From an anonymous user

I was flying last month, and the plane I was on had Wi-Fi. There was a free 15-minute trial, and then you could purchase a chunk of time. I just kept deleting the cookies on my phone, refreshing, and logging back in. I stayed online for over an hour for free.

5. From user HeyYouYoureAwesome

I knew someone who would hold 1 religious ceremony in his house every year so that it could be considered a place of worship and he didn’t have to pay taxes.