17ish Ladies Share The Insecurities Men Have That Women Don’t Actually GAF About, At All

We’ve all got insecurities. Sure, we tell ourselves they are unnecessary and self-defeating (and they are!), but still, we have them.

Though the conversation surrounding female standards and expectations is a frequent one amongst the woke, it isn’t as common when it comes to men.

Now, whether this is due to the fact that men talk about their insecurities less, or because our society perpetuates the myth that “strength” in all forms equals “masculinity,” is hard to say. I’m no sociologist.

What I do know is that men can be just as insecure as women. A question posted by Reddit user u/am3ricanpsycho just over a week ago posed the question, “Ladies: What insecurities do you often see in men that women couldn’t care less about?”

The answers were enlightening. And heartening, at least for many of the men reading the thread.

An important aside to never forget: Don’t be insecure about ANYTHING. Be yourself, be honest, be proud, and find someone who likes you. That’s the ballgame.

17. Having a dad bod:

I’ve noticed that multiple guys I have dated will flex their biceps when I grab hold of their arm on a walk. Or suck in their tummy, like, it’s not super important. I like muscles as much as the next girl, but dad bods are a-okay in my book too.

16. Lack of sexual experience.

As long as you’re kind, eager, and willing to learn, you’re already doing better in bed than a dude who thinks he has it all figured out and doesn’t bother to listen to his partner and assumes he already knows what she’ll like.


Exact situation I’m in. Worried word will get around that it was my “first time”. I’ve always been nervous about it but now it’s extrapolated because I’m older so now it’s “fuck I’m too old and everyone knows what they’re doing”.

I’ve actually avoided potential encounters at bars and stuff because I think ” this girl is gonna be pissed and/or tell mutual friends about it if she finds out”.

I feel like a girl looking for a one night stand would just get pissed if she found out the guy she picked was inexperienced.

15. Looking too skinny.

I’m into really skinny guys and the majority of guys I’ve been with have made comments about hating their bodies and how skinny they are. I’ve never really understood because I think they look great! But i guess there is a stereotype of guys being big and buff and stuff?

14. Size in general. Also facial hair.

The need to be really muscly, or the obsession with growing lots of facial hair.


Not being able to grow a beard/mustache. Honestly who cares? But I’ve known so many guys that feel insecure because they’re not “hairy enough”.

Double confirmed:

Hairy guy here. Can confirm. Head to toe, there’s not really a part of my body that doesnt have some hair. The only plus side of being as hairy as me is I can grow full facial hair pretty quickly but it also means I’m shaving every damn day.

13. Needing to be the best at everything:

Being the best. Smartest, toughest, funniest. It’s better to be individual with your niche interests, looks, sense of humour rather than try to be the brightest.

Also, it’s more attractive to acknowledge the success of your friends than to talk about their short comings.

12. Hair greying or loss:

Grey hair. My boyfriend is 26 and has a head full of salt and pepper. I absolutely love it, but he reeeeeaaaalllly doesn’t. I think it adds sophistication to his look, he thinks it means he’ll be bald soon.

11. General physical insecurities:

my boyfriend is self conscious of his hairline, his teeth, and his height. none of these things have ever bothered me. we all have insecurities. he sees mine (my acne, my bumpy nose) and still loves me. I wouldn’t love him if I didn’t love ALL of him.